You might have been trying to find formulas that work for you in order to boost productivity.We all are different and our circumstances are different.So here in this post i am sharing tips and tricks that actually work to boost productivity.

1. Managing your time effectively :                 

Time is the most precious thing in life. The most productive people know how to manage time. It’s not about having more time but it’s about how much you can do within a particular time frame.To do so, you should be clear about what all things you should do in a day.Scribbling down your activities or blocking your time on calendar is an effective method for those who tend to forget a lot.This way you don’t have to force yourself to remember things and that saves a lot of time.

What we can accomplish in a given time matters. So to achieve more progress, prioritize tasks and reduce distractions to consume less time.Urgent and more tidious tasks can be done first and completing those tasks put you into a sense of relaxation as you don’t need to worry and force yourself towards the end of the day.

2. Having a to do list :

Having to do list is very helpful in getting things done in an organized manner. They allow you to  direct your focus on matters that need more attention. There are people who use either a handwritten journal/notebook or a smartphone application according to their convenience. The benefit of jotting down is that it saves a lot of energy that goes into the thinking process. A to do list can be a tiring task since your past, present and future should be taken into consideration while making one. Remember that making a to do list is to simplify your task rather than to exhaust your brain. Therefore always keep a realistic and flexible approach towards it.

3. Taking short breaks :

Taking power nap and short breaks between your schedule can actually boost your immunity to another level. When you are working for long hours continuously, you’ll get fed up with the process of completing a task which in turn reduces productivity. Many workplaces suggest taking breaks in order to get maximum productivity from their employees. Taking a walk or run, calling a friend, meditating, listening to music, exercising your eyes, tidying up your workspace etc. can be used to distract yourself and recharge your focus.

Many studies show that taking short breaks in between improves your creativity and boost overall productivity. In workspaces, taking some time to communicate with your colleagues builds a rapport. Thus work also becomes easier as you can communicate better. Maintaining a single posture for long creates health issues such as back pain, muscle fatigue, eye-strain etc. Taking a walk or doing some sort of short exercises improves circulation and helps in prevention of such health issues.

4. Your environment matters :

Work environment or any place that you spend your time on directly impacts your day to day productivity. Starting your day on a positive note can bring a lot of difference in your ability to work .Surround your life with people that have similar ambitions and mindset as you do. Brainstorming ideas with such people and working beside them can motivate each other and drives you to strive harder. Meditation and working out for some time in the morning is also advisable. Calm and clean atmosphere helps to focus on tasks without wasting much of a time.

Colour coded and organized work space will make you relax and boost your productivity. Yellow is used for a positive atmosphere. The green colour which is nature’s colour itself is used for creating harmony and peace whereas blue is used in room decor for relaxation .The red being the bold colour of all can create a sense a purpose and is used when you need an extra push to get things done.The colour white can be used to create a seamless environment that are ideal for deep focus.Changing your work environment at times is also advisable.Always keep your space neat and tidy and create an environment suitable for a productive worklife.

5. Setting Up Goals :

The habit of having one or more goals set for a day can increase productivity .In setting up a goal,you have to define it specifically within a deadline and set away to measure the progress.Having macro-plans and micro-plans can give a broader outlook on what you want to establish in life.Also dividing your goals into smaller sets and accomplishing them one by one give a sense of satisfaction.It motivates you to do bigger things and be more productivity in life.

Goal setting is a process that gives you long time vision and helps you to organize your time so that you can utilize maximum resources in a structured manner.Sometimes setting up a sharp defined goal and working towards it will help you achieve those things previously seemed as impossible long shots.This way your sense of confidence increases.During the process you realize your abilities and mistakes done in the past also.You’ll be able to work productively with a sharp goal set up.

6. Having a healthy and balanced life style :

A healthy and balanced diet is also very much required to function more efficiently.Food being the major source of energy eaten in  proper manner can help you in being productive.Include leafy vegetables and proteins in your diet.Eating junk foods and snacks during your work hours can make you sluggish.Therefore develop habit of eating healthy food on time and stay hydrated througout the day.

Sleep is the fundamental building factor of life and it plays an inevitable role in boosting productivity.If you don’t get enough sleep eventually you are going to crash and burnout.Exactly how much hours do you need to sleep ? Ideally 6-7 hrs of quality sleep is needed for a human being .Avoid using smart phones or any other gadgets during your bed time.

7. Avoiding distractions :

To focus on one task and be more productive,you should avoid distractions.You should either shut off your smart phone or use Do not Disturb mode from getting distracted.Turn off unnecessary notifications and schedule time for your important emails,phone calls etc.Also eliminate multi-tasking if you want to be more productive.Multi-tasking is a productivity killer because your brain switches from one task to another.It gets difficult to focus on one task and you are likely to get distracted more easily.Even though we feel that it is a must have skill to be more successful, multi tasking results in reducing 40 % of your productivity.You should identify the causes of distractions and fix it to boost productivity.

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